Stephen Crothers: The Logical Inconsistency of the Special Theory of Relativity | EU2017

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Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity requires systems of clock-synchronized stationary observers and the Lorentz Transformation. Without both, the Theory of Relativity fails. A system of clock-synchronized stationary observers is, however, inconsistent with the Lorentz Transformation because it is Galilean. The Special Theory of Relativity insists that systems of Galilean observers must transform not by the Galilean Transformation, but by the non-Galilean Lorentz Transformation. The Theory of Relativity is, therefore, invalid due to an intrinsic logical contradiction.

Stephen Crothers is a preeminent mathematician, counted among the most competent critics of modern cosmology, including both the General Theory of Relativity and popular theory of the Big Bang. He has also gained much attention for his systematic unraveling of standard Black Hole theory, showing that the mathematical model of a Black Hole follows neither from observation nor from any logical reasoning from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. He will give two talks at the conference.

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